Here is a brief description of each module we are preparing for SUPERvision Training:


  1. Supervisory Span and Depth:  Learn to implement the best practice of a regular supervisory 1:1 conversation and consider a reasonable supervisory span.

  2. Delegation & Feedback: Delegation begins not with communication but with careful planning and purposeful selection which are the first of 6 steps in a clear delegation cycle.  Two-way feedback for supervisors and direct reports is critical to seeing increasing faithfulness and fruitfulness.  Supervising with sufficient depth will require delegating more responsibilities to others.

  3. Growing Contribution through Intentional Development: Learn to create a culture of high performance and high development that purposefully equips staff for both their current roles and long term organizational contribution. 

  4. Emotional Intelligence: Empower supervisors to be effective at emotional self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social interaction leading to increased retention and development of their direct reports.

  5. Administrative Skills:

    1. Productivity for Yourself and Others - Tools, skills, and ideas to manage your work, supervise theirs, and increase success.

    2. Stewarding Financial Health - Learn to use the new Financial Dashboard in SFC and to model and develop health in both personal and ministry finances.

    3. Supervising in SHAW areas – Some helpful information for supervising sexual strugglers and their spouses and where to go for help for greater needs.

John Payton


"The Noble Task" Series on Supervision:





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